When life has you…

It is my passion to help others. It always has been and don’t believe that will ever go away. What I want to develop is a REAL blog that will touch the life of other “helpers.”  Are you a social worker? In ministry? Teacher? Counselor? Parent? Care taker? Or just trying to make the world a better place. My hope is that this blog will help YOU. Inspire you and grow you closer to your goals and who God has called you to be.

This stage in life is about figuring out how to balance it all. Growing a baby, forming a lasting Marriage, teaching a 2 year old how to not be a jerk, keeping up on endless paperwork, continuing to search out my faith and savior, and somewhere finding time for others and myself.

How does one slow down? Develop mindfulness. Stay ahead in their job, family, and friendships? We won’t back down but man do we get tired. Tiredness does not mean weakness. It means that we are human.  A very real, raw life we live and we are allowed to realness, even as helpers.

In this blog we will speak about self care. Well-being, Mindfulness. Parenting. Faith. Communication. Relationships. Real, raw, and beautiful life.


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